Customer care

Customer Care

Please note that the creations, all hand-made, may sometimes differ from the photographed pieces.
Please, consider the time for fabrication then shipping.

Payment Options

Payments received through Paypal or with credit cards are accepted directly on the ELLEBLACKBURN website.


ELLEBLACKBURN uses Canada Post services.

All sales are final

No exchange will be accepted unless the received item was not the one ordered, or if it is damaged in which case it will be effective in the 40 days following the purchase. Any article sent for an exchange must be shipped in the initial packaging which will be identified by itʼs product number.

Taking care of your jewel

ELLEBLACKBURN jewels are made by hand in silver925 or in organic matter such as bones. They are therefore fragile creations which require to be manipulated with care. Avoid constant humidity and extreme temperature variations. Silver, being a relatively soft metal, may break if it is excessively folded and unfolded. ELLEBLALCKBURN is not responsable for damage induced by excessive flexions. Do not clean the piece with chemical products. A polishing cloth is sufficient.

To extend the life of your ELLEBLACKBURN piece, do not bath, swim, shower with it and avoid perfumes, creams and acid sweats, especially with bones. Each bone, having such a unique journey, will vary a little bit from the others of the same kind. ELLEBACLBURN insures that the cleaning and treating of the bone matter is of remarkable quality.