About us

Elle Carrière and Noémie Blackburn, two Montreal artists, join forces to communicate  their common desire to accessorize the body by exploring the diferent materials of the Earth.

Passioned by gems and working metals, Elle, a jewellery student, is also completing a gemmology program in order to obtain her FGA (Foundation of Gemmological Association). As she practices self-healing with the help of lithotherapy, gems and minerals are part of her daily life.

Noémie graduated in fashion design as well as in clothing production management. Currently studying at École de Joaillerie de Montréal, she has developped a strong interest for recuperating materials while reinforcing her passion for the environment and animals.

Together, Elle and Noémie fuse their vision in a raw and mystical aesthetic, creating therefore a genuine and distinctive brand. Their intuitive inspiration is constantly renewed by the wonders of nature which guide them into the making of jewels and accessories. Each handmade piece possesses its own story and seeks to preserve ecosystems.

Committed to respect and to honor the Earth, Elle Blackburn wishes to transmit both energetical and physical wellness by the wearing and sharing of their creations.